Leaders of Growth

Leaders of Growth is our podcast session where we talk with the game changers, the market makers and the innovators to discover the finer points of leadership, influence and the ideas that are shaping our world. Hosted by Paul Marks, CCO,  we will be meeting with CEO’s, founders or leaders of companies in the global financial markets that are creating better banking for everyone.


Latest episodes

Episode 6: Oren Greenberg – Kurve

Paul Marks / Oren Greenberg | 42:07

In this episode of LOG, Paul Marks speaks with Managing Director of Kurve, Oren Greenberg. Oren is a marketing guru, with a…

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Episode 5: Al Ramich – Loomi.Ai

July 12, 2018 | Paul Marks / Al Ramich | 00:27:32

Al Ramich, Founder & CEO of Loomi.Ai. speaks to Paul Marks , in Ep 5, of Leaders of Growth Podcast Series. In episode 5 of…

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Episode 4: Samir Sharma – Datazuum

July 05, 2018 | Paul Marks / Samir Sharma | 43:49

In this weeks episode of Leaders of Growth, Paul speaks with CEO of Datazuum, Samir Sharma. Datazuum is a Data Strategy & Analytics…

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Episode 3: Kai Eggert – Huddlestock

June 07, 2018 | Paul Marks / Kai Eggert | 00:27:31

Paul Marks chats with Kai Eggert, Chief Product Officer of Huddlestock, an investment platform that makes investing extremely easy and accessible for everyone. Kai shares the idea behind Huddlestock and how…

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Episode 2: Martin McCann – Trade Ledger

May 31, 2018 | Paul Marks/ Martin McCann | 00:35:08:23

Paul Marks CCO of CoBa, talks to Martin McCann, CEO and co-founder of Trade Ledger. Martin, a serial technologist and entrepreneur, founded…

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Episode 1: Elliott Limb – CoBa

May 24, 2018 | Paul Marks / Elliott Limb | 00:32:49

Paul Marks begins his Leaders of Growth podcast series with his first guest, Founder and CEO of CoBa, Elliott Limb. Leaders of…

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